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Top 4 ways to engage offline consumers

Updated: Aug 15, 2021

How can brands increase customer engagement and personalize the retail experience?

Check out our top 4 tips below.

1. It’s All About the Experience

The days of consumers randomly walking in and walking out with a purchase are over. Today, it’s all about the retail experience:

  • How does it make me feel?

  • Can I get a cappuccino while browsing the clearance rack?

  • Does this store offer on-site tailoring?

  • Can I book a fitting room in advance?

Shoppers want more than just buying stuff – they want to feel amazing while doing it. Make this happen and they’ll be back again and again.

2. Embrace In-Store Social Sharing

Retailers certainly recognize the power of social media when it comes to their own branding, but there’s a lot of value for consumers, too. Features like selfie booths and smart mirrors can encourage social sharing, which can encourage repeat business and increase revenue.

That's one small step for you; one giant leap for hitting all your omnichannel goals.

3. Get Mobile

Embrace mobile tech in a big way.

If you’re still focused on email marketing as your primary tactic, you’re already late to the party. Email was innovative a few decades ago. Today’s consumers are on mobile and that’s where your key marketing focus should be.

Consumers hold their phones in their hands while in the store, so make this work for you. Send texts and mobile notifications about targeted deals and discounts, use purchase history to promote favorite items, offer mobile charging stations – you get the picture.

4. Personalization

From makeup counters that save a shopper’s favorites to interactive dressing rooms, personalizing the retail experience is one of the biggest and most effective tools for customer engagement.

Personalizing in-store products and features is one surefire way to enhance the retail experience, delight consumers, and have them coming back for more.

Want to learn more? Get in touch to learn how ReceetMe can help you optimize your operations and give shoppers a fantastic, hi-tech shopping experience.

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