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The Who

​Our team combines 20 years of Fintech experience, Engineering and Product Development talent, and Marketing expertise. We believe in a combination of talent, diversity, and a culture of flexibility.

The What

​This isn't an elaborate algorithm or complex neurological device. Our technology makes people's lives just a little easier and more convenient. Our product is patent-pending, US Pat. App. Serial No. 16046654.

Building a better system with innovative technology ensures greater security and transparency- two principles we're passionate about - which are becoming more of a focus in the Retail sector.

The Why

​Like many entrepreneurs, we started the company to solve our own challenges. We thought, how is it that in a world of such incredible technology and fast-paced innovation, people are still frustrated about buying stuff? 

We believed then (and still do) that there must be a better way.

Since we began, we've evolved into a more data-driven company, developing smart methods of taking fragmented data across multiple Retail systems, and organizing it into one centralized location.

Our product is a win-win for all. Retailers can obtain data on their cash-paying consumers, leading to increased customer engagement and an optimized retail experience. Shoppers can easily exchange or return purchases without the frustration of searching for paper receipts, sorting through emails, or scrolling through text messages.

​Although our business focus has somewhat changed, one thing that hasn't is our passion for what we do.


Market opportunity

The numbers

  • US Retail Sales topped $5 trillion

  • Nearly 53% of US consumers prefer to use cash payments

  • Worldwide cash transactions totaled $19 trillion

  • 16 million US adults are unbanked, and 70% of them use cash. Globally, it's closer to 2 billion. This is a virtually untapped market.

Startup Room

A clear market leader
is yet to be found

Easy. Fast. Secure.

Consumers don't want a multitude of mobile apps. What the market lacks is one system for all.

That's the need we're meeting.

At ReceetMe, we believe that our solution will soon become the market leader in the Retail sector. We’ve only just started, but we already know that every product we build requires hard-earned skills, dedication, and a daring attitude.

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