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Digital experience is the new customer experience

Let's face it. Most of us practically live on our smartphones, and making actual phone calls are the least of its uses.

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We use them as alarm clocks to wake up in the morning, for reading the news, sharing photos (and memes, of course), sending payments, scheduling meetings, watching get the picture.

It's a digital world out there. Brands that adapt to this reality the fastest will lead the market.

Why in-store shopping still matters

If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that humans require human interaction. Brick-and-mortar stores recognize the important role they play in the social and psychological aspect of those interactions.

That’s because in-store shopping is about more than simply having products available for purchase; it’s about offering an incredible experience.

From Lowe’s unique Valentines Day “Night of Lowemance” couple’s event to Nordstrom Shoe Bar, where shoppers can take a break from shoe shopping to order a cocktail or have it delivered to their fitting room, these experiences are making a big impact on customer experience.

They’re also paving the way for even more digital experiences.

Retail digitalization is growing

According to Statista, brick-and-mortar retail is worth $19 trillion, and that number is rising each year.

Leading retailers Ulta Beauty, Dollar General, MAC Cosmetics, PetValu, and Costco have all announced new store openings. All of them are incorporating digital services like touch screens, video demos, online classes, contactless payments, and more. In the Digital Age, that’s what consumers expect.

Retail digitalization is growing rapidly.

How can retailer leaders incorporate digital experiences that bring consumers into the store?


Take a look at some of our favorites:

On-screen product information

There’s no better way to advertise product descriptions and customer reviews than on-screen. Consumers get information to help them make informed decisions, while retailers can easily make updates remotely.


It’s all about personalizing the digital customer experience.

Digital receipts with customized sales and discounts tap into what customers are already buying. Social commerce tailored to the user experience connects to a shopper's online presence. All of this creates a uniquely personal retail experience.

Mobile checkout

Customers love waiting in line. Just kidding, no they don’t.

The key to creating a fantastic customer experience is to make it ultra convenient, and that means minimizing checkout time.

Enable mobile checkout with contactless payments so that customers can pay for purchases without having to wait behind a long line of other shoppers.

The “get in, get out” mentality is alive and well. Embrace it.

To explore more digital opportunities & better connect with your customers,

talk to one of our experts.

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