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Are digital receipts better for privacy?

First, there was HIPAA. Then GDPR arrived, followed by CCPA. More than just tongue-twisting acronyms, these new privacy laws have dramatically changed the way governments and businesses collect and use personal data.

* Image by Joseph Mucira from Pixabay

In the Digital Age, privacy has taken stage as one of the most important elements of doing business. For industries in which personal information is a central focus of the business – such as banking or retail – the need to balance data collection with privacy protection can be precarious.

For retail consumers, the single most vulnerable part of data privacy protection is the receipt.

By accessing purchase history, hackers can gain access to payment information and personal buying habits. But there is a slight difference in the method of receipt data that can have a big impact on privacy.

We’re increasingly surrounded by digital transformation yet at the same time, many everyday activities have remained manual. These manual processes can expose sensitive data vulnerabilities and that’s something both retailers and consumers can ill afford.

It’s time to rethink the receipt experience with a world-class digital solution.

ReceetMe's platform combines the best of frictionless, contactless shopping with multi-factor authentication and security protections alongside a beautiful layout that’s virtually effortless to use.

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