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Holiday shopping on a budget

'Tis the save money.

With rising unemployment and financial hardships impacted by the pandemic, consumers are looking at ways to trim their spending on gifts.

What can consumers do to save money during holiday shopping?

Check out our 5 tips for gift-buying on a tight budget.

1. Shop at consignment stores

The thrill of bargain hunting adds a little spice, and these shops typically stock luxury goods, designer labels, and vintage one-of-a-kind items at low prices.

2. Stock up on gift cards

You'll be less inclined to buy more expensive gifts with a set amount on each card. Friends and family can pick their own gifts and they’ll still thank you for it.

3. Chip in towards a group purchase

It's a whole lot easier to give $20 for a group gift than shelling out loads of cash for a multitude of gifts. Think of it like an alternative Secret Santa.

4. Repurpose items around the house

Create homemade gifts with stuff you already have, like old t-shirts. Use the fabric to make throw pillows, headbands, or bracelets, or use them instead of wrapping paper.

5. DIY it!

Dive into your pantry or craft supplies and gather ingredients for your favorite dessert or design project. Place the items in a beautiful gift basket or bento box and give the gift of creative fun.

Holiday shopping doesn’t have to strain the budget. Enjoy the season & Happy Holidays!

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