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A loyalty program for loyalty programs

How many loyalty cards do you have in your wallet? How many retail apps do you have on your phone? Probably more than you really want (or need) to have.

Some of the best Retail customer rewards programs have some pretty exciting benefits, discounts, and freebies. There are some drawbacks, though, and it’s critical in these uncertain times to understand what’s driving changes of consumer behavior and adapt accordingly.

Habit isn't loyalty

Someone who buys diapers and wipes on a weekly basis isn’t doing so because of brand loyalty. They’re doing it because they have a baby. It’s possible they shop at the same store because it’s close to home, but they aren’t consistently purchasing a particular brand because of that.

Habitual purchases are not the same as loyalty-driven ones.

Gaining loyal customers happens when we build trust.

Trust happens when we design loyalty programs that are:

  • simple, not complicated

  • transparent, not ambiguous

  • consistent, not consistently changing

Creating and maintaining a robust, personalized rewards program that delights customers is a challenge, but a simpler one than you may think.

Making sense out of the mess

With a plethora of loyalty programs in the market, consumers are overwhelmed with too many cards, accounts, and emails.

To entice shoppers to join yet another rewards plan, it must be worthwhile, it must be fast, and it must be mobile. Otherwise, they’ll stay on the sidelines, and those are the customers who become missed opportunities.

ReceetMe makes sense out of the mess. By aggregating every consumer purchase onto one centralized system – regardless of store or payment method – shoppers enjoy a frictionless, positive retail experience. Retailers can more effortlessly manage their loyalty program and personalize it for their members.

Everybody wins.

A neutral, independent platform

To achieve successful long-term customer relationships in the age of digital transformation, neutrality is a must. Consumers are less likely to maintain brand loyalty if they have to use 50 different apps from 50 different stores.

ReceetMe accomplishes this by remaining neutral and payment agnostic. The platform isn’t limited to specific credit card providers, banks, or payment systems; we incorporate all transactions from any store, anywhere.

Returns or exchanges are a breeze, without the need to search for receipts in crowded email inboxes or papers in a purse or pocket. Managing multiple rewards programs in one system makes loyalty simpler and more effective.

Ready to incorporate sophisticated technology into your brand?

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