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4 ways to boost your omnichannel strategy

The balance between offline and online retail is always a challenge for omnichannel managers. How can that balance translate into a successful strategy for CPGs, manufacturers, retailers, and consumers?

Here are our 4 best practices for boosting omnichannel and delivering a fantastic customer experience.

#1 - Know your customer

While we usually save the best for last, this time we decided to lead with our top pick. Reason being: without knowing your customer and understanding what they want, all the rest simply fades away into irrelevancy.

#2 - Data integration

The key to knowing what your customers want is, unsurprisingly, data. The challenge lies in aggregating data, which is typically fragmented across multiple platforms, into one centralized system.

Integrating multiple data sources from web, mobile, in-store, and social channels will provide retailers with detailed insights into their customers’ purchasing decisions.

#3 - Keep it simple

There’s a plethora of robust and rich technology out there, all vying for your customer’s attention and loyalty. But even the coolest, most hi-tech AR and VR platforms often overwhelm shoppers.

People want simplicity. They will happily embrace technology that makes their lives easier or more convenient. After all, the “get in, get out” psychology of shopping is alive and well.

#4 - Boost inventory visibility

One of the biggest technology barriers is product visibility. Your customers have trouble finding where items are located, and this causes a negative experience. There are a number of solutions that make this challenge a breeze.

Indoor navigation solutions like Sonorax simplify product visibility by guiding shoppers to precise locations indoors, even in complex buildings like multi-level superstores. They do this by using sound wave technology, so there’s no complicated installation or excessive manual steps for the customer.

With the right solutions, you can develop a positive retail experience and build better loyalty.

What are your tried-and-true omnichannel tips? Share in the comments below.

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