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2019: The Year of DIY

DIY isn't exactly a new thing, but in recent years, it's become its own unique culture.

People organize group get-togethers, corporate and team-building events, and of course, social sharing is off the charts!

Back when I was a kid, craft stores were the kinds of places moms would drag their kids to on the weekends. We’d make our own holiday decorations, bath rugs, or birthday gifts for friends (shhh, they still think those were store-bought!), and Mom would buy yarn and knitting supplies for her sweater and baby blanket creations.

Back to 2018, and it’s a very different world. Michael’s, the largest craft chain in the US, rakes in more than $7 billion in annual revenue from its 1,300 locations. Industry events, the Global DIY Summit, take place worldwide.

In fact, the global DIY market is now worth a jaw-dropping $43.7 million. That’s nothing to sneeze at!

From huge players like Michael's, JoAnn, and social media darling Pinterest, to massive hits like Hometalk, DIY has grown exponentially and is on track for even more growth this coming year.

The Numbers Say It All

Hometalk: 260 million views per month

Michael’s: $7 billion annual revenue

Pinterest: 250 million monthly active users

Video content continues to be the most popular method of content distribution across all mediums. DIY companies benefit by creating real engagement with viewers, and ROI can be exceedingly high. DIYers love it because they can literally SEE a project from start to finish, get detailed information from experts, and easily stop, pause, and watch it over and over again.

We’d love to chat more, but we’ve got some home décor projects to start working on…

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