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Gillette and the razor point view

How great content can positively impact #Retail consumer purchasing behavior.

Unless you’ve been living in a dark cave, you’ve likely heard about Gillette’s now-famous/infamous (that distinction depends on who you ask) video. In the span of just 4 days, it garnered more than 16 million views, a number that any company would kill for, and that number is climbing.

The message of the video is this: the phrase “boys will be boys” was often something people would say to excuse bad behavior, but this is no longer acceptable. There are many good men out there, and it’s up to all of them to stand up to bullying, sexual harassment, and any type of inappropriate behavior.

Every man must do his part to do the right thing and become the best man he can be.

Many people are asking, what has this got to do with razors?

The days of ads pushing product are long gone. It’s a new world of marketing, and Content is King. Great content, especially the kind that goes viral, often has a direct impact on consumer purchasing behavior. Gillette understands this.

Today's marketing is entirely content-focused. It's no longer about an actual product. It's about messaging and creating the idea that a company genuinely cares about a certain something, the goal being to cause people to see the brand as having expertise in _____, so when they think of ____, they think of the company.

Everyone knows Gillette makes razors. Notice how nothing about razors, shaving, or even grooming was mentioned. That’s no accident; it's on purpose. The messaging was spot-on because of the issues that are very much in the public consciousness, and that is why the video has received such a massive response.

Of course, it also increases their brand awareness and ultimately, profit. Because the next time John goes shopping for a razor or shaving cream, he’s a lot more likely to buy Gillette. Not because he suddenly thinks their products are better than the competition, but because the brand comes first to his mind.

That’s how viral videos – and any great content, really – can positively impact consumer purchasing decisions.

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