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Drones, Robots, and Paper – Oh, My!

Most people are aware about the perils of leaving water running and lights on in the house. We teach kids that littering is a bad thing, we talk about the importance of saving trees, recycling, and more.

Except when it comes to buying stuff.

In a world where Amazon delivers products via drones and robots can perform surgical procedures (yup, that’s a real thing), why are we still using paper receipts? In an increasingly paperless society, why isn’t excessive paper on our minds?

Generating millions of paper rolls strains our environment. Over 250 million gallons of oil, 10 million trees, and 1 billion gallons of water are consumed annually to create paper receipts in the U.S. alone.

If the Shirt Doesn’t Fit

As consumers, we’ve all been in that frustrating situation when we need to return something to a store. Maybe it’s a shirt and we need a different size, or those couch pillows we bought at an upscale home goods store looked much better in the display window. Whatever it is, we’re irritated when we can’t find the receipt. We’re stuck with clothes that don’t fit and a couch that doesn’t look so nice.

Now what??

Go Hunting

This is when the hunt begins. We start rummaging through pockets, purses, office drawers, and a handful of other places trying to find a tiny piece of paper. It’s 2018 – come on!

Digital is a must. If we can watch TV, book doctor appointments, and order taxis on our phones, it’s about time we get our receipts on them, too.

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