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Humans vs. Machines – Convenience or Worry?

Like it or not, #artificialintelligence and #augmentedreality are here. Will these technologies enhance the #Retail experience or overwhelm it?

It’s a foregone conclusion that tech like AI, AR, and VR will shape much of our world in the not-too-distant future. One argument against these technologies is that they can cause our emotions and human interactions to suffer.

But here’s the thing: the 2 don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Tech – if done right – can enhance the human experience of everyday living without making us into emotionless robots.

In the $3.5 trillion Retail industry, this has some important ramifications. How do we balance between using innovative tech that enhances the shopping experience without overwhelming customers? After all, we want satisfied customers who give us repeat business, right?

A Case in Point

A woman walks into a department store and heads to the makeup counter for new lipstick. The salesperson uses smart mirror technology to see how different lipstick shades change the customer’s appearance. For the customer, it’s a positive shopping experience. For the store, it’s a sale and an increased likelihood of a repeat purchase.

Human Emotion and Sales

While innovative developments like AI, AR, and VR will be huge, they can't replace human emotion. And let's face it – shopping can cause some pretty big emotions (joy, frustration, satisfaction, anger). That’s something no robotic tool can handle as well as a person, because there’s just no replacement for human interaction.

At the end of the day, customer satisfaction has a direct correlation to sales.

Implementing hi-tech solutions in grocery, apparel, furniture, and food service can improve processes and close deals. Let’s make sure it doesn't overshadow the experience of it all.

“The only thing constant is change”

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