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Turning CX into sales

Updated: Jan 24, 2021

Prioritizing customer experience can turn consumers into your biggest champions and brand ambassadors.

There's more to customer experience than helping shoppers find items on a shelf. Offering a great CX has a direct impact on sales.

Here are 4 best practices for doing it right.

Identify and adapt to shifts in customer behavior

The pandemic has dramatically changed product demand, from a huge rise in grocery e-commerce to a greater focus on hygiene and wellness. Consumer demand for workout gear and sports equipment has surged, alongside natural cleaning supplies and beauty products.

Use these insights to inform better decision-making and market to existing and new customers with the products they really want.

Less is more

Contactless shopping and dining are factoring into purchasing decisions, so if you haven’t adopted any kind of contactless option, the time is now, before the holiday shopping season begins. Less physical interaction can translate into more sales.

In love with in-store

The in-store experience remains a critical element of brand loyalty. While store design and product layouts are important, there’s more to creating a great brick-and-mortar experience.

Maybe your fitting rooms need a hi-tech upgrade like digital browsing and touch screens. Maybe a product display could use an Instagram-worthy makeover, encouraging shoppers to snap a photo and share on their social channels.

Make them fall in love with in-store perks and your sales will fall in line, too.

Communication and conversation

Where are consumers most active? Give your Customer Support teams the tools to engage with customers on whichever platform they use most: Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Snapchat, live chat, WhatsApp, whatever.

Sending emails with a 2-3 business day response time just doesn’t cut it anymore.

When you delight your customers by personalizing their retail experience, they become your champions.

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