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The Rise of Contactless Retail in a COVID-19 World

For the Retail sector, the need to ensure less physical contact isn’t just a health issue – it’s a strategic business one.

As governments begin easing COVID-19 restrictions, the need to maintain social distancing in schools, businesses, and local attractions remains on high. The same is true for brick-and-mortar retail shops; now more than ever.

What about NFC or tap-and-pay?

Contactless payments have been on the rise for some time, with credit card companies, banks, payment providers, and Fintech startups all jumping on the bandwagon. From tap-and-pay solutions like NFC to mobile payments like Apple Pay and Venmo, to smart watches and other IoT devices, paying for purchases without touching cash or handling a credit card is getting easier and faster.

But what happens after payment?

Less is more

In a COVID-19 world, less is more. Retail workers need to limit close contact with shoppers, while shoppers must maintain distance from retail staff and other customers. While this is possible in many areas of the shopping experience, it’s more of a challenge at the end of the payment phase: the receipt.

The need to limit physical contact makes the post-transaction experience a difficult one - unless, of course, the retail offers digital receipts.

Smart retailer leaders know that to ensure a positive and personalized retail experience, consumers need to enjoy convenient, frictionless shopping. In an age of increasing digital transformation, traditional methods simply don't cut it anymore.

U Can't Touch This

Physically handing a paper receipt not only exposes both the cashier and customer to toxic chemical exposure, it's counterproductive for social distancing. That's where the simplicity of digital receipts thrive.

Unlike paper, e-receipts:

  • Require no physical contact with a cashier

  • Pose no risk of exposure to toxic chemicals like BPA

  • Don’t take up space in a wallet, purse, or pocket

Unlike email, e-receipts:

  • Prevent crowded inboxes

  • Go beyond banks or credit card companies

  • Aren’t subject to typos and spam filters

While public officials and government leaders are slowly easing COVID-19 restrictions, it’s critical to remember that less physical contact gives more benefits to consumer health and public safety.

To learn how e-receipts can enhance the Contactless Consumer Experience,

contact us.

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