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Revamping the Post-Transaction Experience

You know how it goes. Go to the store, fill the cart, go to checkout, get the receipt, and get out. You probably don’t even think about that little piece of paper…until you need it.

What if we could do more? What if we could totally revamp the post-transaction experience?

Tapping Into Emotions

Today’s Retail industry is focused on 3 key points: enhancing, personalizing, and optimizing the consumer experience. Think of the word ‘experience’ and what it implies. It’s not just about buying something anymore, it’s about how it makes shoppers feel.

From in-store coffee shops to mobile charging stations to interactive fitting rooms, retailers are putting in enormous amounts of capital and research into the above 3 focal points. As exciting as these are, they often end at checkout.

What’s the Missing Piece?

Retailers and consumers are missing out on something, and that missing piece of the puzzle is DIGITAL RECEIPTS. Once a shopper leaves a store, their mind is already focused on something else, and the retailer quickly loses their marketing value.

If you’re thinking about email, that’s as forgettable as 80’s-style ginormous shoulder pads and harem pants.

Most people’s email inboxes are already crowded, so that fantastic email marketing campaign will most likely be ignored.

The 'Wow' Factor

To create an incredible retail experience, e-receipts are a must. Consider shopper’s in-store behaviors. Many hold their smartphones in their hands while buying groceries or snap photos of themselves trying on clothes, then share on social media.

When a store provides its consumers with digital receipts instead of paper, they’re sending the message that they’re hi-tech and invested in making things easier for their customers.

Ultimately, that causes repeat business and a totally enhanced – and personalized – retail experience.

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