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Is the Mobile App Love Affair Over?

The Past

10 years ago, everyone was app-crazy. It seemed like every hour, there was a new mobile app touted as the greatest thing since sliced bread. The words “There’s an app for that” became THE catchphrase.

A decade later, and “download this app” causes rolled eyes and painful groans of “No, not another app!”

What changed in 10 short years?

Basically, we got bombarded. Apps for banking, dating, fitness, messaging, food, health and beauty, and 100 other categories rained down upon the smartphone world like a flood. It got to be too much.

The Present

Yet, mobile users also became superfans of some key apps that today, people can’t live without. The numbers speak for themselves:

From messaging platforms keeping us connected to friends, family, and colleagues, to navigation and ride sharing systems taking us places, apps have changed the way we communicate, travel, and live.

The Future

So what does the future of mobile apps look like?

Based on current trends, the future will see smartphone users limiting themselves to the apps they feel emotionally connected to – the ones that are central to their daily interactions.

Everything else will be treated as white noise that disrupts their life.

Understanding this trend is critical for businesses to stay engaged and relevant.

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