Digital receipt mobile platform

Let's make some retail magic!

ReceetMe accelerates digital transformation for offline retailers

with a world-class e-receipt platform.


Enrich the customer experience

Customer engagement as simple as tapping on a phone.

ReceetMe accelerates digital transformation for offline retailers with a smart digital receipt platform.

No paper, no emails, no text messages.

What's in for retailers?

A better CX, a better brand

Payment agnostic

Sophisticated engagement tools

Inclusion of cash-paying customers​

What's in for consumers?

Never lose a receipt again

All e-receipts in one place

Contactless, frictionless checkout

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Our 3 unique benefits:

1. Cash

16 million US adults are unbanked. 70% of them pay with cash.

How can you engage them if you can't identify them?

Tap into an untapped market and create a positive experience in a whole new way.

2. Convenience
Shoppers lose or discard paper receipts. Emails get lost and ROI on email marketing is low.

Text messages are hard to find or disappear when upgrading to a new device.

In a mobile-first world, customers crave convenience.

3. Simplicity

Every retailer has an app, but consumers don’t want 50 different apps from 50 different stores.

They want one system that aggregates all e-receipts together,

with a simple interface that's virtually effortless to use.

In a digital world, retail consumers are hungry for digital solutions.

ReceetMe is the bridge between retailer and customer. We’re delighting both, one transaction at a time.


Take a peek at our mobile app (in demo mode

available on iOS and Android!


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